Hey, I’m Tripp.

Throughout my life I’ve never been satisfied with doing one thing. There are just too many aspects of life that capture my interest and challenge my mind. My desire to keep learning different skills, brings my clients a turn-key set of solutions you won’t find anywhere else.

 I’ve attended various professional schools for Video Production, Audio Engineering, and Photo Shop. And although having a technical background helps with the basic concepts – my work is really a unique blend of self-taught techniques and methods that I’ve developed – while serving various clients across the United States over the past 18 years.

I’m also a self-taught makeup artist with years of experience doing work on dozens of models and every-day women. The majority of the women you’ll see in my portfolio had their makeup done by me, as well as their wardrobe styling. People often ask why I learned to apply makeup. It’s simple: There was a time when I needed a makeup artist and couldn’t find anyone reliable. So I learned how to do it myself, which allows me to have full control over the outcome of my photography when needed.

 If you’re looking for a truly unique solution for your needs – as well as a fun and memorable experience – I can help you get the results you desire.