As a consumer, would you rather read something, or press PLAY?

The best way to speak to your future customers about your products or services, is to use video. With the world-wide reach of video distributors like You Tube, you no longer have to have hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce – and then broadcast video only on Television. However, you still need professionally produced content if you want people to take your efforts seriously.

I can help you produce custom video solutions that fit with your goals and speak directly to your audience. And you won’t need to spend tens-of-thousands of dollars on a video production company that requires several crew members to produce a professional video for your business.

Although I studied film, video and audio production at schools like The Colorado Institute of Art and The Recording Workshop in Ohio, my video production is heavily based on how I see things through my still photography. I pay great attention to lighting, overall production values and how editing footage together helps tell a compelling story.

Click on the video images on this page to see a sample of my work. Then contact me to find out just how much I can do for your business – for a fraction of the investment you’d have to spend elsewhere.