If you book a 1 page scrolling Web site with me by May 16, 2019 (deposit required), I’ll give you 35% off my regular rates: only 795.00*
(normally 1,250.00).



As an added bonus, I will add in free photography for either your staff (up to 6 people in a group), a photo of your product (or food) or a photo of your business’ exterior or interior – to be used in your Web design or other purposes.

If you require more than a 1 page Web site, contact me for a quote and discount offer if booked by May 16.


1 Page Scrolling Web Site Details:

A 1 page Web site works on both mobile devices and computers.
If you have a simple business that doesn’t require several pages for displaying or selling products, a 1 page Web site is perfect for you.
A 1 page Web site allows for multiple sections of information and photos, to be displayed all on the same page.
Choosing a topic from the menu at the top of your Web site, automatically jumps down to the specific part of your page that people need to see.
For an example of a 1 page Web site, you can see my Food Photography Web site here:




* My special offer is for a 1 page Web site that includes the following:

  • 4 sections on your page (About Us, Services (or Products) info, a photo gallery with up to 12 photos of your products or food, and a contact form so people can call or email you.
  • 1 static header design that includes either your logo or a photo. If you can provide your logo with a transparent background, I will lay the logo on top of a photo in your header at no extra charge.
  • I will setup your hosting and 1 email address for your Web site.
Please Note: If you would like an animated header at the top of your page, that will require additional fees, depending on the complexity of the animation (see my home page on this Web site for an example of an animated header).
Animated headers start at 75.00
Multiple Services Savings: I always give extra discounts if a client books me for more than one of my services.




Why You Will Benefit From Me:

I provide full turn-key solutions that usually require clients to hire multiple companies.
Most Web design clients need photos of their staff, location and products.
By offering multiple services, I can literally save my clients thousands of dollars.
And I save my clients the headaches associated with trying to manage different companies necessary to get the services they need.


My Background:

I was actually one of the first Web designers in San Diego, California, when the Internet was new.
I have done photography, video promos and Web sites for various small and large business owners.